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Who gets a spray tan?

Who are my clients?

Literally, everyone! Brides that want to have a gorgeous tan on their special day, girls wanting to have a glow at the river, a couple that want to have a deeper color for a fun Halloween costume, a first date, a bachelorette party, a mom that wants to have tan legs for shorts season, a father of the bride that needs to get rid of his farmers tan ASAP, Spring break, vacations, prom…basically everyone from 16 to 60! Getting a spray tan is not taboo! I keep my prices reasonable. 

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Before and after photos of my clients available here.

tan girl on beach

I am in love!! Tried tanning beds, Mystic whatever and being a sun worshiper for all these years made me able to send my dermatologists kids through college. NO MORE!! Now this is perfect! No orange, no streaks…just beautiful brown skin.

Theresa S


Cindy is awesome. It was my first time going and she makes you feel comfortable and is so thorough. I highly recommend her and I know I’ll be going back.

Dayna F